St. Louis Events

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Words from SYGU


We are bringing style back to the nightlife scene.

This isn’t grown and sexy its just grown.

Because being grown IS sexy (You should know that by now).

So visit the mall. Raid your closet. Hit the cleaners.

Get that fit you’ve been wanting to strut out in.

Its been a long time. Too long. Time to push the issue.

Time to Step Your Game Up again.


Saturday Feb. 19th 2011 | 10pm-Until | $10 before 11pm

(Ladies free before 11pm w/RSVP -$10 to drink all night)

Click here to RSVP The Nines-Crown Royal Lounge

(Sounds by DJ Needles)

3 Responses to St. Louis Events

  1. jimmy says:

    hey what up man ..i hear your joint sunday it’s off the chain..i would love too make a remixx of it..please get at me so we can see what we can do..jimmy lumpford..aka.jimmy jamm..the dj….dr feelgood..i be at the guitar center every pro audio..mixx it up.. u will see me ..on the one and two’s come check me out… r get at me at my e-mail………one love….

  2. SHANICE says:

    HI NELLY WHAT YOUR NUMBER LOL HIHIHI!!!!!@@@@@@#####$$$$$$%%%%%^^^^^^&&&&&****((((()))))_______++++++++

  3. Chairman Champ says:

    Looks like a Hoodstock Line up….its been done before about four times but i support it….

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