To contact irepstl email . We accept songs in mp3 format. please include a picture, song info including producer, and name of upcoming project as well as contact info.

If you have an event that you would like us to post or just know about then hit up with event details – place, time, cover, etc. – and to send a flyer.

Starr Meek

2 Responses to Contact

  1. Ricky Jones says:

    Dig it, new mixtape by one of STL’s finest..Ricky Jones. 26 jawns, love it.

    The future is nice, but “The Present” is real.

  2. SCOOBY says:

    yo you might want to put this up on your blog go to and click on the entertainment section then GO Party Tv on the left there are two videos wiht producers from STL…if you click on the envelop on the right you can repost on your blog….Check them out let me know what you think….email me at

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