Who I am is not important. What this site is the spread of good local music. Enjoy and become a fan of music all over again. Email me at techproductions@gmail.com for suggestions, music, interview info, or to just shoot the breeze. (I guess with my email you know who i am now)

3 Responses to About

  1. J.REAL says:

    Wats up wit it my stage name is j.real known 2 few rite now but i have ah mixtape droppin Dec.22 and all dats gon change,n i jus wanted be apart of this saint louis movement if not thats cool 2.

  2. Hey Tech. I’d love to get up more music that we’ve done together. Can you put up any of your tracks off me and Space’s album? Abe tha Babe’s finally coming out with his album in a couple of months, and you’ve got 4-6 beats on there too…

  3. Whats the word? This here is the G.O.D or the Greatest On Dirt. I see you repping my city, and the G.O.D wants to be apart of this joint considering this is my home. Feel free to stop by my website, and if you want I can send some of the music off of my self titled mixtape, G.O.D or the Greatest On Dirt. In a minute.

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