Nodzilla’s Baadasssss E.P.

Check out this new offering from DJ Needles. I will let him explain it.

* P E A C E *
I’m sending you my debut release “Nodzilla’s Badasssss EP”.
As you may (or may not) know, I make beats under the name “Nodzilla” and have been quietly
and ever so minimally putting my original music out via remix-tapes throughout the past decade.
With this release though, I no longer hide behind the safety of the mix-tape stamp.
These are all original songs recorded specifically over MY beats.
Some appear on the individual artists’ projects while some are in fact
conceptually all mine and I summoned those artists to write to and record
over the track. Regardless, I offer my long-overdue debut to you.
I hope you enjoy the sounds…

Download and enjoy.

Download Nodzilla’s Baadasssss E.P.

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