iRepSTLtv: M.C Interview (video)

Check out this exclusive interview with St. Louis’ own M.C. When youre done with the video download the mixtape that features some of St. Louis’ finest plus Wiz Khalifa, Curren$y, Twista and more. Hometown favorites Chingy, Murphy Lee, Ebony Eyez, and Kyjuan make an appearance and more. Enjoy and leave a comment.

M.C -Grey Goose, Headphones, and Thirsty Woman

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5 Responses to iRepSTLtv: M.C Interview (video)

  1. arleen harris says:

    A very well spoken interview. Your delivery brought much insight to the person that you are today. In this business you have to work hard to keep your image clean and sharp. Your performances show your love for the music you make and the respect you’ve developed for the craft. The way to bring it ! LOVE MOM

  2. Mousie says:

    This is very cool M.C… Love U

  3. Superstarrr says:

    (As the interviewer) I was really impressed by M.C’s intelligence, his passionate heart, and the strength of his character. I’m glad I got the opportunity to meet him, and I wish him success in his endeavors. ~Starr

  4. Tamara Merriweather says:

    Very nice interview. I’ve never met anyone with such passion and drive for what they do. I like that you keep everything on a postive note, and you show that you can be talented and put good music out without all the negative language. Good job M.C. You are on your way!!!!! Luv your co-worker Tam

  5. Evelyn Anderson says:

    You do not know me, but I know your mother very well. You are doing a great thing and I know personally that she proud of you and keep up the good work and keep it clean and professional. I enjoy listening to your video, that you mother send to me. Good luck in the now and the future. God will help you go further in life, just keep him with you alway.

    Evelyn Anderson

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