Apology Letter

I am writing this to all the aspiring rappers and singers out there. This is a site that I created for us. So that we all can enjoy the best that St. Louis has to offer. The best. Not the working on it, not the almost there, not the horrible, but the best. Now who am I to say whats good music? Exactly. Music is a matter of opinion. If I don’t post your music does it mean that you’re wack? Not at all. It means that I didnt feel it. That can be for a number of reasons. It could be the sound quality, or the delivery. I have told friends that i can’t post their music because it’s not there best foot. In music you want to put your best out, or you’ll never get heard. Please keep sending me your music until i have no choice but to post it. If it’s hot its posted, if I dont feel it, then send me something you know I will feel. I love STL Music and i want all of us to win.

While in the studio the other night me and my people had this exact same conversation, if you feel inclined peep it, it will give you insight on to what I’m talking about. We really get in depth after the first few minutes.

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2 Responses to Apology Letter

  1. stlexplorer says:

    Thanks for this guys. I appreciate it

  2. CP says:

    Good call on this. Higher standards and talent makes everyone better in the end

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