Nato Caliph-Rules (video)

Check out this video by St. Louis’ Hip-Hop veteran Nato Caliph. Directed by L.A. at Reel Media. Enjoy.

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3 Responses to Nato Caliph-Rules (video)

  1. Nato, I’ve never been too familiar with your music; however, after this deep track you just put down, man, I think you gained a fan. I’ll be checking out more of your music just to see if everything is this ill–which I’m certain it will be. Great message! The world needs to listen!

  2. Kryptonite says:

    This is mad nice, love the concept and storyline. Nato’s been nice for years..Much respect and salute to the veteran.

  3. Dough HuSTLe says:

    I’m late but this is amazing the track and the video

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